Only 10 days to meet “Read Me a Story” funding deadline

To those who have already made a pledge to support our “Read Me a Story” educational series, Thank You.

If you haven’t yet made a contribution, please note that if we do not reach our goal within the next ten days, we do not receive any of the funding, so I am asking again for your help.

Your pledge in any amount, from $1 and up, will go toward producing more episodes, which will always be available free of charge to educators, parents and children.

You can find our Kickstarter page here: Just click on the button that reads “Back This Project.” (If we do not reach our goal, your credit card will not be charged.)

You will also find links to the first three episodes, which have already been completed. Please share these videos with your favorite child (or childlike adult), and then share your feedback with me.

Thank you for your support and friendship,

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